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This is a discussion forum about BDSM technique, philosophy, theory and practice. We encourage open discussion and debate on the various styles and beliefs of BDSM. Please help us maintain a respectful discussion forum. Civil debate is welcome; Ad Hominem are not and those who engage in this will be removed from the community. (You can be allowed back into the community if the other party states reconciliation has occurred.)

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(This does not include user icons, so read in NWS areas at your own risk.)

◙ Indicate cross-posting in the body of your submission. (Please limit cross-posting; an over abundance of this result in the rejection of cross-posted submissions.)

...and please, please contribute to discussions. Your posts need not be the epitome of BDSM beliefs. You need not worry about stating the wrong opinion. We encourage all points of views. The livelier you are the more all of us will get out of this community.

Thank you in advance for abiding by these simple rules.

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