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I just wanted to clear something up.


My Master, Orpheus77 is not Amayos, is not the creator of Humbled Females, nor the creator of Humbled Males.


That’s all.




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A MOD NOTE: Moderator Forum

Hello everyone.

I would like to introduce a new community called Moderari. This community is a forum for Moderators, Maintainers and Community Members of BDSMPhilosophy, Consensualslave, TheKennel and ViewsFromTheTop.

Moderari is to act as a center for Moderators to relay information, issues and ideas as well as for communities to bring grievances and voice suggestions and to ask simple questions concerning posts and membership conduct.

The Forum is not to be used for snarking, flaming or undo bitching.

Membership is not required for community members; you shall have moderated posting access. I do ask that all Mods join the group to have access to Mod only discussions.

Here is a link.


Thank you,

leah_the_muse (for lilyinchains)
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MOD NOTE: Posting



Some new and old posting rules: 



1)      Long posts must be under an LJ cut. NO EXCEPTIONS. (700 words or more is currently considered a long post. This may be adjusted.


2)       Excessive cross-posting (x-posting) will not be accepted.  We are currently considering excessive to be more than two (2) communities of a similar vein.

(Your post may be initially approved because we have multiple moderators for our sister communities. Once excessive x-posting has been detected the “extra” posts will be deleted.)


3)      When X-posting, indicate which communities/journals* to which you are x-posting. (If we find this request being ignored, you may lose posting privileges.)


4)      Adult images must be under an LJ cut and a NWS (Not Work Safe) notation must be clearly visible above the cut to readers.


5)      Posts must be on topic and appropriate to the community. (Read profiles to see what the community is about.)


6)      Refrain from using this community as a personal journal*. This area can be vague for some.  So here are some things to consider.


a.      Your post should promote discussion by:


1.      Asking a question/advice.

2.      Expressing self discovery that is pertinent to the community, not just you.

3.      Relaying information that members can use. (Safety, new methods.)

4.      Discussions on point of view, philosophies, standards, trends and new ideas. (These should be on topic.)


b.      Your post should not :


1.      Be a recount of your last night with your Master or slave. These types of entries should be placed in your personal journal* or communities that might accept them.  It is okay to take portions of your personal journal and x-post them here if they promote discussion.  


2.      A personals ad.


3.      Mock the community or its membership.


4.      Be a MEME. (Polls are okay.)


c.       Introductions are okay and encouraged.


If you are unsure if your post is suitable, submit your post anyway. If we reject it, we will tell you why. (Please do not take a rejection personally. We, as moderators, are attempting to keep the atmosphere and intent of the community alive and sometimes we have to reject posts in order to do so. Please accept our reasoning as a learning experience. If you are unclear as to why we have done something e-mail me at and I or the moderator in question will attempt to explain.)


These rules are subject to change. Changes will be posted as they are made.


Thank you,




(Note: the e-mail address does not have an “i” in “in”)


(x-posted: BDSMPhilosophy,Consensualslave,TheKennel,ViewsFromTheTop.)





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Community Rules

Here are the community rules:

1.                  You can talk about anything BDSM related here. Anything from anal play, to bondage to watersports. But do keep it legal. References to illegal activities such as pedophilia and bestiality are acceptable in an academic sense or to explain some past trauma, but other than reasonable mention it is not allowed.

2.                  No flaming. It’s simple; be nice.

3.                  Debate or disagreement may occur, but if things turn to ad hominem attacks you will be given a warning, failure to abide by that warning or subsequent warnings will be grounds for either freezing the thread, removing posting/commenting privileges of the poster or banishment. That’s right, we will banish you from the realm. 


That said, we will not baby anyone and may let hairs rise as they will. What is deemed as crossing the line will be judged on a case by case basis. We will try to be fair as we can. But even the angelic Mods of this community are not perfect. 

4.                  Ads for new communities must be approved by a Mod and must be related to

this community and multiple ads by a single person will not be accepted. It’s a           one time deal.  Here are communities specific to promoting communities:

                   [info] community_promo     [info] shameless_plugs   [info]alt_kink_promo 



5.                  Notifications for local community events are acceptable, but if that’s all you     do here, your posts will eventually be rejected. We would like all members to participate with their thoughts rather than just with ads.

6.                  You must have prefect grammar alwayz. Cuz I’d says so. 

7.                  Ignore #6. Though it would be nice for everyone to spell everything correctly at all times, bad spelling happens. That and bad grammar happens to me all of the time. In fact, I would like to ban good grammar so that I can move freely about without worrying if my Grammar Nazi Master is going to lecture me, I mean grace me with his knowledge on the subjects. I guess what I am trying to say is please participate and don’t be afraid to. 

8.                  All rules subject to change, modification, clarification and damnation based on the Maintainer’s whim. 




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Hi everyone! I have just created this community and will have a decent post up soon. I just wanted to give you guys something to look at for the time being. I hope that you all will participate with zest. I also hope you will feel safe in discussing any topic that comes to mind and also be accepting of the validy of others views. I am hoping that through open discussion of BDSM topics we will be able to teach others and learn from others. Diverse views are welcome. Do be prepared for possible enthusiastic debate and intelligent discourse.
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